Noah – House of Freedom

We have accepted no compromise to any standards that you expect from your new home. Yet, we packed it with lots of extras that do make a difference if you enjoy freedom and want to live responsibly. Click here to learn more about what the Noah House can offer.

These homes are built to accommodate 4-5 people, perhaps a small family with 2-3 children, and it is truly a comfortable and well thought out space. The floor coverings, pavement, indoor and outdoor paint color can be chosen by the customer, as well as the material and the finishing of the built ins. The storage spaces , including the kitchen cabinets, built-in closets and furniture, are integral part of the the building structure. The owner only has to purchase beds, seating and dining furniture. Upon request, we can help the customer with the selection of all of these!

This product is a one of a kind passive house with a lightweight, mobile home structure. Positioning the building facing south, it can be installed anywhere. This building collects, cleans, and reuses rain water. Solar panels are generating power and the energy is flowing back and forth of the grid. The Noah house therefor is an off-grid building, and it only needs to be connected to an electrical source. Our homes are manufactured with customization in mind. The basic panels are the same but exterior and the interiors can be both customized .

Our news


The prototype is ready and we already testing for 2 months.

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This video video gives a good overview about the on-site construction of the Noah House prototype, on its own building site, in Pilisjaszfalu, Hungary.

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Today, on the production site, the architect and the structural engineer has approved and accepted the delivery of the main steel structure of the Noah House. This skeleton will hold all the wall...

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