Széchenyi 2020

Our partners

Planning and installing the Noah House we asked special support from those partners, are professionals and have experiences in producing prefabricated houses and panels. They are the best players of their industry and have a huge customer recognition.


The BERGER Houses Ltd. a factory is one of the most modern manufacturer of prefabricated house elements in Central Europe in Polgár. The one billion HUF strong investment will produce 300 houses a year. The advantage of Berger Homes using environmentally friendly and high quality materials is that it offers energy-efficient homes at a competitive price that can be taken over by owners in a short time.


Ubrankovics Ltd

One of the well-known beams and home builders in Hungary is Ubrankovics Ltd., a family business founded in 1990. Our most important activity is the design, manufacture and construction of log house houses and large-panel energy saving housings in Hungary. In our products, respect for traditions is blended with the possibilities and expectations of today's technology. As forest-woodworking architects, we pay special attention to environmentally-conscious wood-based solutions with traditional values, using natural ingredients