Széchenyi 2020

The Inventor

The Inventor and the idea owner - Blaskovich Ákos

"Earth is overpopulated. We can not maintain our future with the operation of residential buildings that are currently common and energy consumed. If we want to meet the expectations of scientists and experts that we have to live without carbon emissions by 2050 so that our climate does not change anymore, house building needs to be revolutionized.

Island on the land ...

If we move out of nature with a Noah house, then we are invisible from nature because there is no eco footprint, we do not use anything to maintain our own living conditions, we give nature back to what it gives us. From 2021 onwards, houses with almost zero energy needs are allowed to get a license. Global warming exists. Fossil energy consumption pollutes the air, making it impossible to complete it, a finite energy source.

Renewable energy is the pledge of the next generation, our contribution to the existence and life of our grandchildren.